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  2. 1.Desired staff position: mod or admin 2. Username tombuckerz 3. Your age: 24 4. Your timezone:gmt 5. How many hours do you spend online daily? 6+ 6. Why you should receive the position? ive noticed this server is a bit quiet and I think I can liven it up abit , had years of expeience in rsps and was admin of 2 previous rsps that the owner shut down , played osrs for 10+ years aswell so have high knowledge of all aspects
  3. Progress with new donator zone (need good ideas) You can now empty Water vials. You can now open fench @cows Homepage should now show correct players online amount Armadyl has currently temp. fix (bigger attack range) Removed clue casket from dagganoths
  4. Tea stall now works in varrock Ardougne door that leads to lever now works Now everybody can steal from Master Farmer (still need thieving level) To open Master farmer store, you need to download new client (autodownload coming soon) More diary fixes coming soon!
  5. Goal: To get maxed Rewards: Normal mode 1 - 10$ towards donator rank 2 - 5$ towards donator rank 3 - 5$ towards donator rank Extreme mode 1 - 100$ towards donator rank 2 - 70$ towards donator rank 3 - 30$ towards donator rank Ironman mode 1 - 20$ towards donator rank 2 - 10$ towards donator rank 3 - 5$ towards donator rank Ultimate Ironman mode 1 - 30$ towards donator rank 2 - 20$ towards donator rank 3 - 10$ towards donator rank
  6. ::toggledrop tutorial to command ::teleport command Stores restock faster Poll booth show correct commands Changed extreme(osrs) mode xp from 1x to 5x
  7. 1.Desired staff position: 2. Username 3. Your age: 4. Your timezone: 5. How many hours do you spend online daily? 6. Why you should receive the position?
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